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Commitment to Excellence Toledo Floor is an industry leader in the Resurfacing, manufacture, installation and repair of innovative epoxy concrete flooring systems to meet the demands of environments including; heavy industrial, conductive/static dissipative, slip resistant, acid/chemical resistant and decorative enhancement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I coat over existing coating?
A: Yes, as long as the existing is epoxy, and it has good adhesion.

Q: Can I apply coating at any temperature?
A: No. Coating and concrete must be at least 55° Fahrenheit – preferably 65° or higher.

Q: Can I apply coating over a damp surface?
A: No. Concrete must be thoroughly dry.

Q: How soon can I apply over fresh concrete?
A: Minimum of 28 days.

Q: How long can I store unused material?
A: Approximately one year from manufacture date. Avoid freezing temperatures during storage.

Q: How long after I mix this product do I have to apply it?
A: Thirty five to forty five minutes, at 70°F.

Q: Can I thin coating with solvent and what solvent should I use?
A: Yes, but it slows cure time.

Q: Is it necessary to prime the surface before final coat?
A: Yes, because it seals the substrate.

Q: Are your Specs available online?
A: Yes, download them here.

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